Timecard Color Codes

EBMS uses various color codes within timecard lines.  These colors can be found in the following locations:

  1. Timecard details:  Processing Payroll > Entering Timecards.

  2. Task timecard tab:  Tasks > Managing Tasks > Recording Labor and Completing the Task

  3. Timecard daily hours dialog: Daily Hours

  4. Some colors appear within the time and attendance tools: Time and Attendance Overview

Blue Timecard Details

The color blue within a timecard record Indicates that the timecard details were processed and financial transactions were created.  This happens when a timecard is processed or if a group of detail lines are processed.  

Green Timecard Details

The color green within a timecard record indicates an attached task.  Right click on the green record and select View Task from the context menu.

Review Tasks > Managing Tasks > Recording Labor and Completing the task for more details on attaching to a different task or removing the time from a task.

Purple Daily Hours Records

The purple lines indicate that a Worker's comment was added from MyTime, MyEBMS, or other time and attendance device.   Right click on the purple line and select Display MYEBMS memo to view notes.

Review Time and Attendance > Daily Hours to view daily hours dialog.

Review the MyTime > Adjusting Time or MyEBMS Time Clock documentation to set these comments.