Process Detail Lines Before Payroll is Processed

The Process Detail Lines feature is an optional tool that is used to create labor expense transactions before payroll is processed. This feature may be important if the user wishes to post labor expenses to a job or post expenses to the previous fiscal month before payroll is processed.  

EBMS uses an accrual payroll payable process that posts labor costs on the day the labor was performed rather than the cash method of posting the labor costs on the labor pay date. The cost of the pay is posted to the EBMS financial system using the individual timecard details lines as circled in the image shown above. Note that this pay is credited to the Payroll Payable account set within View > Advanced Options dialog from the timecard menu.   

These daily labor costs can be posted to the financial accounts before payroll is processed by completing the following steps:

  1. Open an EBMS timecard as shown below:

  2. Select Process > Process Detail Lines from the timecard menu:
    Note that the timecard detail lines cannot be changed after they are processed. The Process Detail Lines can be launched multiple times. Only the details lines that have not been processed before will be effected by the utility.  

  3. Select the Process > Unprocess Detail Lines option to reverse the detail line transactions.   

Review Time and Attendance > Timecard Color Codes for information on the color code used to identify processed detail lines.

The Payroll Payable account is debited at the time payroll is processed. The payroll payable process within the worker pay process gives the user the ability to calculate the true labor costs based on the date the labor was performed.   

Any detail lines that were not processed at the time Worker Payments are generated will be processed before payments are completed.    

Review Process Payments for more details on processing worker payments.