Time and Attendance Overview

The EBMS software includes time and attendance tools to record the time an employee clocks in and clocks out of work. These clock in/out times are used to calculate the employee's daily hours. These clock in (Start Time) and clock out (Stop Time) values can be set using one of the following methods:

  1. Manually entered into the time card: Review Daily Hours for details on the location of the clock in and clock out times within the timecard.

  2. Using the Clock In/Out Times employee list: This dialog is launched by selecting Labor > Clock In/Out Times from the main EBMS menu. Review Entering or Auditing Clock In/Out Employee Times for more details.

  3. Electronic Time Track app: This app will record clock in and clock out times within the timecard and contains the option to add timecard detail lines. Review Time Track App > Using the App for details on the multiple electronic time clock options.  

  4. MyEBMS Time Clock:  This personal time clock can be used on a iphone, Android, or Windows 10 device.  Review MyEBMS Time Clock for details.

The employee clocks in on the electronic time clocks using a pin code that is set within the Timecard Login entry field of Labor > Workers > General tab. This login pin code field will only show if electronic time clocks are connected to EBMS.

Review Processing Timecards without Processing Payroll for instructions to configure the labor module to record time but not process any payroll.

The Advanced tab of each employee contains a clock in and clock out table of times. These times are used as default daily hours if a time clock is not present. Review the Clock In/Out Parameters to set the daily hours or to set clock  in and out parameters are available to control the employee's start and start time options.

The daily hours are valuable for almost any worker but are often required when processing piecework or flag pay.