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Office tool for the dispatcher.

Getting techs to the right job has never been easier. The MyDispatch board gives you tools to manage your technicians across multiple jobs and routes.

Schedule Technicians

Quickly assign tasks to technicians with a simple drag/drop visual display. Efficiently adjust and communicate schedules as jobs are completed early or run long.


Real-Time Technician Progress

Know exactly where your techs are during the day to keep up with your techs and the jobs they are working on. The on-screen map shows the current location of each technician.

Track Technicians

Manage and Assign Tasks

Easily create, edit, and assign tasks for multiple technicians. Simple queries allow you to quickly view and manage task lists.

Create and Manage Tasks

Shop Floor Manager

Schedule and manage tasks per service bay or workstation instead of by worker. Each station is identified by a work group folder with at least one unique work code in it. The work code on a task switches when assigned to a workstation, group, or service bay.

Create and Manage Tasks

Integrated with MyTime App

MyDispatch is used in cojunction with the EBMS field service app, MyTime. Each technician installs MyTime on their device to record current location, task detail, and time. Learn More


Try it!

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  • View all technicians and tasks in one dispatch board
  • Schedule and assign tasks with drag and drop
  • Create and view technician route on map view
  • View technician location in real time
  • Edit and add task detail
  • Can be installed and used on any Windows 10 device