Payment Card Overview

Payment cards such as credit, debit, and EBT cards can be processed directly from the EBMS software. Koble Payments streamlines the processing, settlement, and management of payment card processing. The secure PCI approved method of credit card storage and processing combined with the cash management tools of the EBMS software creates an efficient way of recording multiple payment methods.

Various payment cards can be processed using the EBMS software and attached peripherals.  Review Point of Sale > Getting Started > Securely Implementing EBMS for PCI security recommendations.

The payment card module also gives the user a secure means of storing credit card information within a sales order or customer account without storing the actual credit card number. The payment card process gives the user the convenience of flexible payments without the security concerns of many applications.  EBMS allows the user to choose from the following interface options:

  1. Koble Payments: provides integrated Merchant Services and a device-based solution with EBMS as well as an integrated online virtual terminal.  Basically, Koble now operates as the Merchant Service Provider, eliminating the need for the third-party services of Verifone and the Merchant Service Provider.  Review Koble Payments Portal for more information.

  2. Verifone Gateway: Review Verifone Gateway > Verifone Configuration for other MSPs for steps to configure payment cards using a separate merchant account.

  3. Velox Gateway: Review Velox Integration for information on Canadian options.

Processing Payment Cards

The following steps are for US based merchant accounts only.  Review Velox Integration for information on Canadian options.

Review the following sections for more details on how to use payment cards within EBMS

Crediting a Payment Card

Refunding a payment card may be required for a number of reasons:

  1. Overpayment on a purchase:  A credit balance may result from an overpayment of a sales invoice.   

  2. Return of product:  A credit may be generated to reimburse a customer who returned merchandise on a paid sales invoice.  

  3. Credit invoice:  Refund any customer credit.

Refunding a credit on a sales invoice that was paid with a credit card using the EBMS Payment card processing can be credited by processing a negative payment amount using the same steps as processing the original payment card payment.  Review the following sections for standard payment instructions:

  1. Review Customer Payments > Processing Customer Payments for instructions to process payments for one or more invoices.  Enter a negative payment amount to process a credit.  

  2. Review the Credit/Debit Card section of Customer Payments > Down Payments for instructions to process payments on a sales order.  Enter a negative payment amount to process a credit.

  3. Review Credits > Processing Customer Credits to create a customer credit or Credits > Refunding Customer Credits for instructions on how to refund credit payments using a payment card.