Loyalty Cards Overview

Many retailers establish a Loyalty program and use Loyalty cards as a marketing incentive. The Loyalty card option within EBMS allows the user to activate, add, and redeem points.

The following steps are for US based merchant accounts only.  Review Velox Integration for information on Canadian loyalty card options.

The following options are required to set up and begin using Loyalty Cards within EBMS.

  1. The payment card processing module must be added to EBMS – Review the Payment Card Overview section for more details.

  2. An account must be set up with a compatible Loyalty card merchant processor – The following loyalty card processors integrate with EBMS software:

    1. GiveX – web.givex.com/products/loyalty (Verifone Point only)

    2. ValueLink – www.FirstData.com/giftcards (Verifone PAYware Connect only)

  3. A card swipe device – For the purpose of activating, or changing the customer on a sales order, a separate magnetic card swipe should be used that is not a credit card payment device. Note however, that a credit card payment device is needed when redeeming the loyalty points since the card essentially becomes a gift card in that scenario.

  4. Loyalty cards with a barcode or a magnetic strip These cards are provided by the loyalty card merchant provider.  A loyalty card must be activated by configuring the customer record before it can begin to accrue points. Review the Configuring a Customer Record to Use a Loyalty Card section for more details on activating a customer loyalty card.

Review the Adding and Redeeming Loyalty Points section for more details on adding and redeeming points on a loyalty card.

Review the Viewing a Loyalty Card Point Balance and Award Value section for information related to accessing the number of loyalty points a customer has earned to date and the monetary benefit award amount that is currently available on the card.

Review the Changing a Loyalty Card Number section for information related to adding or changing a customer loyalty card number within the customer record.