Electronic Signature Processing

The Customer Signature Processing option is used to digitally capture a customers signature and record it within the EBMS sales proposal, sales order, or invoice. The signature may be a result of a proposal approval, charge invoice, or a credit card payment. The signature may be printed on the hard copy of a sales quote,  invoice, or receipt. It may also be archived electronically for historical reference.

Complete the following steps to add a signature to a sales document:

  1. Open a sales quote or order.  Review Proposals > Creating a Proposal or Sales Orders > Entering a Sales Order for more information on creating these sales documents.

  2. Select F9 or View > Capture Signature from the sales document menu.

  3. The signature capture dialog or a Waiting for customer signature message may appear.

  4. Have the customer sign on the signature capture device and the following dialog will appear:

This signature will be printed on the standard form such as the proposal, sales order, or invoice.  

The user will also be prompted to enter an electronic signature at the time of a credit card payment. For instructions on how to enter an electronic signature for card payment transactions review the Payment Card Processing > Processing Payment Cards section for more details on payment card transactions.

Signature Capture Hardware

EBMS supports signature capture from the following hardware:

Review https://info.eaglebusinesssoftware.com/EBMS-Hardware-POS-Peripherals/folder/78 for both signature pad and payment device hardware options.

Forms with Signature

Print a standard sales invoice or rental contract after the signature has been captured within EBMS.   Note that the signature will show at the bottom of the form.

Review Sales Orders > Documents for more sales document setup instructions.

Request upon Invoice Charge Option

The signature capture tool is primarily used to record a signature to authorize a payment, but it can also be used to authorize a contract or sale.  This type of signature can be captured for a charge invoice.

Open the Sales > Options > Devices dialog to change this option.

Disable the Request upon Invoice Charge option to ignore the signature capture hardware device activation when an invoice is processed without a payment.