MyInventory Overview

MyInventory is a convenient app that allows the user to access EBMS product information from a smart phone or other Android, Apple, or Windows device.  This app allows the user to search for product information, pricing, stock levels, and availability as well as add new products.    

This solution is ideal for an inventory manager or other staff to conveniently adjust product counts or information from the user's smart phone while reviewing product in various locations.   MyInventory can be used in conjunction with a scanner to simpify inventory stock adjustments, view stock levels, or purchase product.  Review MyInventory Scanner Overview for more details on the scanner option.



Hardware Requirements


Launching MyInventory

Launch the MyEBMS app on your Android, IOS, or Windows phone or tablet and select MyInventory from the app list.

Product can be searched using either of the following methods:

  1. Tap See All Product to select from a list of all inventory items.

  2. Tap Search Products to search for product

  3. Open an item and enable the pin icon to add to the Pinned Product list.   Review instructions below for more details on the pin step.

Tap Create new Products to add a new inventory record in EBMS.  

Tapto add a item to EBMS

Product Information

Tap the desired item to view or edit product information.


  1. Tap Product or to edit general product information.

    Review Product Catalog > Changing Product Information for more details on product information settings.

  2. Tap $ Pricing to change product pricing

    Review Product Pricing > Overview for information on markup, margin, base price, update cost from purchase option, and price level settings.

  3. Tap Count to edit product counts

    Review the Adjust Single section within Stock Management for information on adjusting counts.
    Review Item Count > Unit of Measure > Overview for instructions on creating or configuring units of measure settings.
    Review Tracking Counts > Item Count for more information on product counts.

  4. Tap Purchasing to edit purchasing details

    This page is useful to view the purchasing history and the associated vendors.  Review Purchasing > Purchasing Tab for more details on this purchase information.

Pinning Product

Create a user defined list of inventory items by pinning products to the MyInventory homepage.  The Pinned Products is found at the bottom of the MyInventory homepage.  Return to home page to view or open a product from the pinned list.

Add an account to this homepage by opening the account and tapping the add pin icon .   Tap the remove pin icon  to remove the contact from the list.