Item Classifications

The Classification setting within an inventory item determines the general functions of the item and how it is processed within EBMS. The Classification setting is an important setting that should be configured properly before items are purchased or sold. The software may limit the ability to change the Classification setting within items that contain transactions.   

Open an inventory item by selecting Inventory > Product Catalog from the main EBMS menu and open an inventory item. Click on the General tab as shown below:

Click on the Change button to change the item's Classification. Review the classification descriptions below. The Classification should be configured within the folder defaults of all the items for a specific inventory folder are similar. Review the Changing Inventory Defaults section for more details.

Some classifications do not track inventory values and counts even if the Perpetual Inventory method is selected in Inventory > Options > General tab.  The following classifications are considered perpetual inventory classifications:

The following classifications are considered non-perpetual inventory classifications since inventory asset G/L transactions are not created even if the Perpetual Inventory Method is selected with the Inventory > Options > General tab.

Review the Changing and Item Classification for instructions to change the Classification.