Creating Piecework Work Codes

The EBMS payroll system includes the option to process and manage piecework labor.

  1. Click Labor > Work Codes from the main EBMS menu to create these codes.

  2. Click on the New button to create a new piecework code.

  3. Enter the General Ledger expense Code to record the payroll labor costs. Review [Financials] Chart of Accounts > Adding General Ledger Accounts for more details on creating labor cost G/L accounts.

  4. Enter a Description of the piecework code.

  5. The Wage Type must be set to Piecework rather than a standard wage. Review the Work Codes section for details on creating standard wage work codes.

  6. Set the appropriate Workman’s Comp. Classification. Review the Workman's Compensation section for more details on this setting. Click Next to continue.

  7. Enter the Piecework Rate for the piecework work code. Review Variable Piecework Pay by Employee or Variable Piecework Pay by Job for instructions on setting the piecework rate per employee or job. Click Next to continue.

  8. Enter a Work Code Id for the piecework code and click Finish to open the work code dialog.

  9. Click on the Piecework tab to change the piecework rate.

Review the Work Codes section for more details on creating work codes.