Variable Piecework Pay by Job

Piecework pay may vary by job. This section can be ignored if the piecework pay is consistent for each work code.

Complete the following steps to set variable piecework pay rates based on the job:

  1. Create piecework work codes.  Review Piecework Pay > Creating Piecework Work Codes for more instructions to create piecework work codes.

  2. Open a job record and click on the Job Rates tab.

  3. Enter the piecework Workcode as shown above.

  4. Enter the Pay Rate for the current job.  The system will use the work code's piecework rate (shown below) if the rate is not entered on the job.  The work code setting is only required to change the rate for a specific job.

  5. Keep the Benefit Rate  blank for all piecework rate settings.  

  6. Repeat these steps for additional jobs.