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Recurring Billing

Create a scheduled recurring invoice.

The Recurring Billing module is used to create a scheduled recurring invoice each week, month, annual, or other recurring schedule. This feature is used to bill weekly or monthly services, annual contracts, or other repeating accounts receivable invoices.

Service Contracts

The recurring billing option is used by mechanical contractors who invoice service contracts, lease invoices, or any recurring billing. This option could be used by any service company that invoices a fixed amount within a scheduled billing.

Service Contracts

Manage Proposals

The Recurring Billing list contains many tools to give the user the ability to manage the list of recurring proposals conveniently. The Recurring Billing option is an extension of the Quotes and Proposals module within the EBMS software. A proposal or quote contains the contents of the recurring invoice. This module is also often used with the Job Costing module within EBMS.



  • Manage the list of recurring proposals conveniently
  • Configure a large number of recurring billings
  • Create a schedule for the recurring billing
  • Set a manual, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly frequency to identify how often invoices are created
  • Automatically apply customer credits to new billings

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