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Quotes & Proposals

Create customer proposals, contracts, and quotes.

The Proposals Module within EBMS is a sales tool that can be used to create customer proposals and quotes.

Create Quotes for Customers

A quote contains the pricing, descriptions, terms, and other proposal details presented to the customer. Unlike a sales order, a quote does not affect inventory counts or purchasing recommendations. Sales Orders are directly created from these proposals or quotes.

This module can also be used as a template with a set of items, pricing, and details that can be used to create sales orders for multiple customers. A proposal template may contain a standard set of items, materials list for a standard building kit, or other standard parts list.

Quotes & Proposals

Create Recurring Billing

The proposal document is used to create recurring invoices based on a scheduled frequency setting. Review the Recurring Billing module.

Quotes & Proposals

Create Budgets for Jobs

The proposal window is used within the job costing module to create budgets and change orders. Review the Job Costing module.

Quotes & Proposals


  • Records and prints an unlimited number of proposals for any customer
  • Easily create sales orders from the proposal
  • Proposal does not affect inventory counts or purchasing recomendations
  • Maintains a proposal status such as open, closed, or accepted
  • Includes flexible pricing tools that allow pricing to be derived from a specific price level or percentage margin
  • Proposal templates are created for standard jobs, sets, or assemblies
  • Proposals will only print relevant information for the customer but store-detailed information for the salesperson
  • Markup and Profit Percentages are conveniently displayed
  • Perpetual costs or the most recent costs can be used to calculate proposal amounts
  • Proposals include important details such as pricing, salesperson, dates, job, freight, and other details also in the sales order
  • Fully integrates with job costing to create job budgets
  • Creates recurring invoices based on a scheduled frequency

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