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Prevailing Wage

Calculate and manage prevailing wages.

The optional Prevailing Wages module of EBMS is a payroll add-on that enables the user to calculate and manage prevailing wages.

Manage Certified Payroll

The Prevailing Wage module is an important option for companies that are managing jobs that require certified payroll. This tool simplifies the wage calculation process for individual jobs and the certified payroll reporting requirements. 

Prevailing Wages

Manage Jobs

The prevailing wage option combined with the EBMS Job Costing module is a powerful tool for various contractors that require certified payroll.

Prevailing Wages


  • Generates prevailing wage rates based on a work code and benefit rates.
  • Prevailing wage rates can be set per job or project based on the certified payroll requirements.
  • Contains reports to meet certified payroll requirements
  • Integrates with the EBMS payroll system to manage labor costs and deduction calculations
  • Determines the job location within the payroll system to compute multiple state payroll tax calculations
  • A powerful tool when combined with the EBMS Payroll system and the Job Costing system

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