Mobile Scanner

Adjust and transfer inventory on the go.

The Mobile Scanner solution makes inventory shipping, receiving, warehouse and job transfers, and adjusting counts easy. Streamline processes, reduce time spent managing inventory, and dramatically cut human errors. An intuitive interface seamlessly integrates this remote, Wi-Fi enabled, hand-held device directly with your EBMS system.

Track and Order Inventory

The device features inventory count processing to allow cycle or end-of-year counting that makes inventory tracking and ordering a snap. Include the UPC Association functionality and the bar coding and tracking of your inventory has never been this fast and easy!

Mobile Scanner

Ship & Receive Inventory

Quickly scan inventory into a sales order or receive inventory into a purchase order. The expanded keypad makes typing and modifying data easy for all users.

Mobile Scanner

Transfer Inventory

Transfer inventory from one warehouse to another or from one job to another. Inventory can quickly be scanned or entered into a task or work order as well.

Mobile Scanner


  • Highly functional touch screen
  • Adjust inventory counts
  • Enter quantity to order
  • Associate item UPC codes
  • Set the existing location of an item
  • Populate Sales Orders on the fly
  • Handle shipping, receiving, warehouse & job transfers
  • Print reports and labels quickly and easily
  • Go wherever you have WI-Fi coverage
  • Set per employee permission controls and more