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In-Field Harvest Manager

Record harvest yields on the go.

Record Harvest Yield Remotely

The EBMS In-Field Harvest Manager is used to record harvest yield remotely in the field or orchard as well as labor details. The tablet device will replace the traditional picker ticket to track piecework payroll and harvest yield amounts.

Picker Ticket Tablet

Track Harvest

Connect the tablet to a label printer to create harvest tracking labels for packing or traceability. The EBMS Picker Ticket tablet solution is a convenient solution to use within a field or orchard to track bins or containers as they are harvested, label them for traceability, and record labor details for piecework and hourly payroll.

In-Field Harvest Manager

A Look Inside

  • Container Label | about 4' wide
    Container Label | about 4" wide


  • Conveniently clock in and clock out a group of employees in the field orchard
  • Track clock in and clock out times for employees to meet regulatory labor requirements
  • Create bin tickets for harvest bins and other containers that include the bin number, container size, and fruit or vegetable type. The ticker also contains the date of the harvest and the field or section location of the harvest
  • Track harvest yields per field, sections, or acre for fruit or vegetable harvest
  • Record harvest yield based on bin or other containers or track harvest by picker's bags
  • Print a bin ticket to attach to harvest container for packing house tracking or other traceability needs
  • Create a bar code ticket for inventory tracking at packing house
  • Collect piecework labor details for payroll processing
  • Use Zebra RW 420 printers to print labels in the field
  • Interface with EBMS Orchard Management system, EBMS accounting system, and payroll software

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