Enter orders on the go.

Salespeople can now take orders from anywhere.

This app feature brings the powerful EBMS order entry capability to your mobile device and works well as a direct store delivery tool or for an outside salesperson taking orders.

Create and Edit Orders

Don't wait to enter orders until you get back to the shop! Now your sales staff can quickly lookup item, pricing, and immediately enter sales orders from their device. Give your staff the tools they need to discuss pricing and verify order information immediately with the client.

Create and Edit Orders

View Sales History

Sales staff gain full visibility into customer accounts. Quickly lookup customer accounts with order history as well as product stock and pricing.

View Sales History

Try it!

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  • Search, edit, and view all sales documents including invoices
  • Create new sales orders
  • Edit existing sales orders including Bill To/Ship To, Salesperson, Ship Via, Price Level, Warehouse, Job, Department, Sales Tax, Shipping & Handling, Terms, Costs, Totals, Memo, Recalculate Pricing, Change Customer, View Payments, Scan Barcodes, To Be Sent (AutoSend), and Default User Settings
  • Notable features not included are: Taking payments, entering serial or lot numbers, set purchase methods, creating or editing materials lists, printing to a local printer, and processing orders.