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MyInventory and Scanner

Warehouse Management at Your Fingertips

Stock Management
Order Fulfillment
Warehouse Transfers

Empower your warehouse team with the mobilty of inventory management tools from their phone, tablet, or scanner.

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For Stock Management

Eliminate stock management paper trails with MyInventory. Easily manage counts directly from your phone, tablet, or mobile scanner. Navigate large warehouses with the ability to update counts right from the device. Create a seamless batch count and end-of-year inventory process by elminating dual entry.

Updates happen in the main system in real-time as the warehouse team works, so every team that relies on accurate inventory data (salespeople and office workers alike) can benefit. Talk to your Account Manager to get started.

Warehouse Stock Management mobile app

For Order Fulfillment

Reduce inaccuracy during the picking process with MyInventory. The information your pickers need is available right in the app, meaning you can reduce dual entry mistakes. Mark items as shipped directly from the order. Scan in items to show that the order is being fulfilled.

Streamline the order fulfillment process by giving your pickers access to real-time data at their fingertips. Talk to your Account Manager to get started.

warehouse order fulfillment mobile app

For Receiving

If you're receiving large shipments from trucks or out in the yard, access to your receiving computer is limited. MyInventory gives you the mobility to receive items from a distance. Scan received items into Purchase orders and ensure the UPCs match, reducing inaccuracies. Enter serial numbers and print labels for items received. Create back orders when you receive a partial shipment. Minimize paper trails, reducing dual entry and errors. Talk to your Account Manager to get started.

warehouse receiving mobile app

For Warehouse Transfers

Easily ship stock between warehouse locations. Order, Ship, and receive from the same screen and see updates on status in real-time. Keep your satellite warehouses connected to the main location and easily transfer inventory between the two. Talk to your Account Manager to get started.

warehouse transfers mobile app

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Talk with your Account Manager to learn how mobile apps can improve operations throughout your company.


Notable Features

  • Search, edit, and view product catalog
  • Review and adjust individual and batch counts
  • Handle stock processing such as shipping, receiving, and warehouse transfers
  • Assign location
  • Associate UPC codes
  • Print labels and reports
  • Scan products into orders
  • Search, edit, and view orders
  • Populate, process, and print orders
  • Integrate with a variety of scanner options
  • Use anywhere with a wireless connection
  • Set security permission controls for individual users

Requirements: Internet connection and the lastest version of Android, Windows, or iOS device.