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The current update includes the 2018 W-2 & 1099 tax forms, the 2019 SS changes, and some state tax changes for the USA, as well as the T4 form and taxes for Canada. You can run this update at your convenience but should be run prior to closing the 2018 payroll year. If the 2018 payroll year is already closed, Go to Payroll > Utilities and run the Tax/Deduction Rate Update... 

You may receive a Windows protected your PC message. Please click on More Info below the message and select Run Anyway.

From any computer with EBMS installed, run the payroll update from the link above. This can be done at any time even if you have not yet completed the last payroll of 2018. Various messages may come up, depending on your Windows version and setup. After double-checking the information, choose Allow or Run or Open to continue the process. If you have an anti-virus program running, it may warn you that a malicious script has been detected. Choose to Allow/Authorize this Script. When the update has run successfully you will receive the message that the “2019 tax files have been copied successfully for this company!”. This needs to be repeated once for each company that you have setup in EBMS (it does not need to be on each computer).

Important! The tax rates in EBMS will not update until you close the payroll year and run the automatic update, or you run the “Tax/Deduction Rate Update” utility under Payroll -> Utilities. Post all Transactions prior to "Closing Payroll Year..."

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