AutoPay Batch Processing

AutoPay Batch option is used to batch pay a list of sales invoices using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network or the Payment Card gateways.  These electronic transactions are simple, safe, and a convenient alternative to processing payments individually.

Customers must be configured to pay using ACH or payment cards before the AutoPay Batch feature can be processed.

  1. Review ACH Payments to configure customers and invoices to pay using ACH.

  2. Review Payment Card Processing > Automated Credit Card Payments to configure customers to pay using a payment card.

Complete the following steps to AutoPay Batch a list of invoices:

  1. Open the Customer Payments dialog by selecting Sales > Customer Payments from the EBMS menu and tap on the AutoPay Batch tab.

  2. Enter a Customer ID or select All for a list of sales invoices.

  3. Set one of the Payment options:

  4. Enter the payment process Date.

  5. Select the Bank Account.  The general ledger account identifies the bank account that receives the electronic ACH payment from the customer.

  6. Enable the Show Sales Orders option to apply a down payment to a sales order.

  7. Select the outstanding invoices that are being paid via ACH payments or click Select All.  Note that sales invoice terms must be set properly to process within the AutoPay Batch tab.

  8. Click either of the Receive Payment buttons to process the payments.  This step will create the files to transfer monies from the customer's bank account to pay for the selected sales invoices.

  9. The following message will appear if a NACHA file is created.  This dialog will not appear if no ACH payments are processed.  Continue with the following steps to complete the process of the ACH NACHA file.  Review Payment Card Processing > Reconciliation of Deposit to complete the credit card payment process at the end of the day.

  10. Click OK to open the following dialog and save the NACHA file (Initially designed by the National Automated Clearing House Association) as shown below:

  11. Click Save to save the *.ACH file in a location that is easy to upload to your bank’s cash management site. The following dialog will appear when the file is created. Keep the following dialog open until the ACH file has been successfully uploaded to the bank’s cash management site.

  12. Click Yes when the ACH file has been successfully uploaded to the bank’s direct payment site. Click No if the ACH process was not successful to keep the invoices open allowing the payment process to be repeated.

Review [Financials] Bank Accounts > Create Prenote and Submit NACHA to Bank Web Portal for instructions to communicate direct payment file to the company bank account.

Review [Financials] Bank Account > Reconciling a Bank Account for steps to review and reconcile ACH payment transactions.

Review Payment Card Processing > Processing Payment Cards for more information on Pre-authoring cards and completing the transaction.