Attaching a Vehicle to a Sales Invoice or Work Order

The following features are part of the serialized item specifications feature that is used to track the history of a vehicle or other piece of equipment that contains a VIN number. Complete the following steps to add a vehicle to a sales order:

  1. Verify that the setup steps explained in the Recording a Vehicle or Equipment by VIN Number section are completed before continuing with this section.

  2. Open a sales order by selecting Sales > Invoices and SOs from the main EBMS menu as shown below:

  3. Click on the Serial No tab on the top right corner of the sales order. Right click on the Serial No tab and select Open to this tab from the context menu to open the Serial No tab each time a sales order is opened. 

  4. The user can add a vehicle or piece of equipment to the customer record by entering a new Serial No/VIN Number in the Serial No entry. Note that the new serial number wizard will be suppressed if the Inventory > Utilities > Serial No Specs tab > Default Serial Number is properly set. 

  5. Enter the vehicle’s VIN number or the equipment’s Serial No. Review Vehicle Indentification Number (VIN) Decoding for more details on this powerful built-in feature.

  6. Click on the look up button to view all of the customer’s vehicles or Serial No as shown below:

  7. Enable the Items Owned by the customer option to limit the Serial Number/VIN number list to only the vehicles or equipment owned by the current customer. Highlight the desired serial number and click Select.

  8. Click on the New button to add a new Serial Number/VIN number to the list. The Serial Number/VIN can be entered into the sales order and be added to the customer’s vehicle or equipment list without launching the new serial number wizard. Review the Recording a Vehicle or Equipment by VIN Number section for more details.

  9. The Serial No’s Info and Description can be changed from the Serial No tab.

The invoice history for each vehicle can be viewed from the serial number. Review the Viewing Item Details and History section for more details. 

Enter the optional Miles/Hrs value of the vehicle at the time of service.

The Serial No within the sales invoice will be copied to any tasks created from the invoice. The Serial Number with the billing tab of the task will also be copied to the sales order if the sales order is created from the task. Note that the serial number will not be copied if existing documents are associated with each other.