Adding Accessories to an Item

Adding an accessory or accessories to an item is similar to adding a component. These accessories will be added and priced as separate lines within the sales order rather than placed within a materials list as components.

Adding Accessories

Click on the Accessories tab of the item as shown below:

Add accessories to the Accessories list by clicking on the New button to the right of the list. The following screen will appear:

The entries within this dialog are similar to the add option for components. Review the Optional Components or Accessories section for details on the Type option. Review the Adding Components to Create an Assembly Kit section for more details on the other options within this dialog. Note that the Show on Printed Document options do not appear on the accessory dialog since all accessories are listed as separate details lines within the sales order or quote. Clock OK to save and repeat for each accessory option for this item.

Copying or Replacing Accessories

An accessory list can be copied from another product to simplify the steps required to create a large accessory list for an item.  Click the Copy From button on the right side of the accessory list to open the following dialog:

Enable the Replace existing accessory list option to delete the existing accessories.

Accessory Options

The Insert Type option below the component list controls the way the accessories are inserted within the sales order or proposal.

Select one of the following two Default Quantity on Insertion options:

The other option is to select the first optional Insert Type and configure the accessories to be optional so a dialog appears each time the item is inserted in a document. Review the Optional Components or Accessories section for more details on this option.

Review Product Catalog > Notes and Instructions for more details on the Note entry.


Accessories can also be displayed on an e-commerce website. Review the Review [Sales] E-commerce > Creating Content > Accessories for more details.