Worker Added Timecard Entries

The Timecard Entry dialog is designed to facilitate the timecard entry by a secretary or payroll staff.  The payroll management staff may wish to give the worker access to their personal timecard to add items such as vacation time, mileage,  or reimbursements.  

EBMS gives the option to security block workers from accessing sensitive payroll information within the labor module but give individual workers to access only their personal timecard to add labor records.  

Complete the following steps to secure sensitive payroll information and give a user access to their personal timecard:

  1. Secure payroll information by setting the labor module setting to a secure setting such as No Access as shown below:

    Review [Main] Security > Creating Users and Assigning Rights for instructions to secure the Labor module for the worker.

  2. Open the worker record and click on the General tab as shown below:

  3. Select the user login name created in step 1 to identify the user to a specific worker record as shown above.

  4. The worker or user can now access their timecard after they log into EBMS.  Select Labor > TImecard Entry from the main EBMS menu.

  5. Pay rates and pay is blocked within the timecard screen.  The user can add records to the timecard.  Review Processing Payroll > Entering Timecards for more details on this dialog.