Using Attributes within a Sales Order or Quote

The Inventory Item lookup window can be configured to query products based on attributes of the items within the folder as shown below.

The Product Selector box will only show if the attributes are set up for the selected folder. Note that the Product Selector list will not show if the Inventory Items lookup list is set to show All instead of the Use Folder option. See setting in upper left-hand corner of the dialog shown below. Review the Attribute Setup section for details on setting up attributes for a folder.

The Attribute setting must be set for all inventory items within the folder. Review the Entering Item Attributes section for more instructions.

The following dialog also includes the available serialized items based on the selected attributes. Review the Serialized Items Overview section for more details on this optional item classification.

Complete the following steps to select an item within a sales document based on the product's attributes:

  1. Open a sales order or proposal and select the inventory item lookup button to open the Inventory Item lookup list as shown below. Review the Sales Orders > Entering a Sales Order or the Proposals > Creating and Printing Proposals sections within the Sales documentation for details on creating or opening these documents.
  2. Select the Configurator Mode to query the items. The Item Mode will be set if the dialog is showing the current item's configuration.

  3. Click on the Remove Selections to blank the current settings. Blank settings allow the user to query the available items based on the attribute values already set.

  4. Select an Attribute Value option. The Value option shown above lists a combination of the values within the items within the folder. Note that only the items within the same folder are available using the Product Selector.

  5. Repeat for each of the other attributes on the list. Note that each attribute reduces the available inventory items within the list. The order of the attributes within the Attribute Setting are important.

  6. Select the desired item ID or Serial Number from the list to add the item to the sales order or proposal.

Inventory items may contain multiple attributes if the item is customizable allowing multiple options. Review the Value Sets and Options section for more details on multiple attributes for a single item.