Value Sets and Options

The user can configure attributes with custom or simple attributes using the Value Set settings. The Product Attributes value sets can be viewed or configured within the Product Attributes tab as shown below.

Custom Attributes: EBMS allows the user to associate multiple values to an attribute by using a Value Set. Multiple values give the user the ability to create a custom inventory item that allows multiple values within a single attribute.

Simple Attributes: a simple attribute is an attribute with a single setting or option. Value sets for simple attributes seem redundant since the Value Set setting often equals the Values in the Selected Set setting. This one-to-one association allows the user to create custom attributes. The Attribute list and the Value Set settings from simple attributes are often created within the inventory folder or inventory item rather than within this dialog.

Review the following information to configure custom attributes.

Select Inventory > Options > Product Attributes from the main EBMS menu to open the following dialog:

This dialog can be used to change, delete, or merge Value Sets.

Select the Value Set list you wish to display or edit but select one of the following query options:

  1. Click on an Attribute from the Attribute list to show all the value sets for the selected attribute.
  2. Double click on an inventory folder to list the Value Sets within a specific folder.

  3. Click on the Show All button to show all Value Sets.

Click on the value set New button to create a new Value Set. Use the Delete, Rename, or Copy buttons to edit the value sets.

Click on the Merge Attributes button to combine value sets. Review the Merging Attribute Value Sets section for instructions on this powerful tool.

Click on a Value Set to view the Value list. Use the New or Edit buttons to open the following dialog:

Enter the Value description as shown above.

Right click on the Image object and Insert Image or other graphics command to associate an image to the value. This image can be displayed if the product attributes are used with the EBMS ecommerce options. Review the Creating Website Content > Product Attributes section within the Ecommerce documentation for more information on product attributes on a website.

Click OK to return to the Value Set list.