Product Attribute Overview

The product attributes module is used to group a significant number of items together based on one or more of the inventory's item attributes. An inventory group (folder) may contain multiple items that are very similar but differ based on the items attribute.  An attribute is defined as a common characteristic such as color, size, style etc..  Some examples:

Attributes are defined within the inventory folder.  A folder may have one or more product attributes.  For example, a specific folder that contains shoe inventory items may have a total of four attributes; size, width, color, and style.  All the items within an inventory folder must contain the same attributes.  The number and type of attribute can vary between folders.  Review the Attribute Setup section for more details.  

Fixed Product Attributes contain a single attribute value for each attribute setting within the inventory item.  For example, the attribute may define the shoe as size 10, D width, black color, and classic style.  Each attribute setting defines the inventory item.  Review the Entering Item Attributes section for more details.  A specific inventory item within a folder group containing hundreds or thousands of items can easily be identified by selecting the desired attributes rather than memorizing inventory ID codes.

Custom Product Attributes may contain multiple attribute values within a single inventory item.  For example, a custom piece of furniture may be stained using a list of stain options.  This list of attribute values can be used using Value Sets.  Review the Value Sets section for more details.