Labor Expenses

Allocating payroll expenses to a job is an important element in proper job costing. An employee's gross pay is directly expensed to a job and the payroll overhead is added to a job through the overhead feature of job costing. Review the Job Overhead > Adding a Percentage Overhead section of this chapter for detailed instructions in processing payroll overhead. The job information is entered within the timecard window as shown below:

Enter timecard information as explained in the Labor > Processing Payroll > Entering Employee Timecard Information section with the following exceptions:

  1. Enter a Job code for each detail line that should be expensed directly to a job. Keep the Job code blank for all other pay such has holiday, clerical, maintenance, and other general pay.

  2. A Job Stage must be entered on each line that contains a Job code. Click on the lookup button to list all available stages for the current job. A stage must be classified with a source of Payroll to be used within a timecard. Review the Job Costing > Classifications section for more details.

A G/L Account is normally copied from the General Ledger Account entered within the work order. The work order can be set to use the stage's G/L Account rather than the general ledger account set within the work order. Go to Labor > Work Codes to open the following window:

An additional field labeled Timecard G/L Account appears within the work code window when the Job Costing module is being used. This setting has three options:

Set all work codes that are not associated to use the Use Work Code G/L Account option. All other work code settings are optional. The general ledger account must be configured as a Direct Job Cost Account to be used within a timecard if the Job Costing > Options > General > Determine Direct Job Cost Accounts option is toggled ON. Review the Direct Job Cost General Ledger Accounts section for more details on this option.

Labor costs are considered as committed payroll costs until the timecard is processed.  Review Committed Costs for more details on actual committed costs.

The user can post a week's payroll to job costing at the end of the first week even if the payroll is processed on a bi-weekly basis. Review the Payroll > Processing Payroll - Advanced > Posting Expenses section for details.

Variable Labor Rates

Review [Labor] Piecework Pay > Variable Piecework Pay by Job for information on setting different piecework labor rates per job.

Job Stage Labor Report

A labor hour summary report including the budgeted hours can be launched by selecting Job Costing > Stages > Job Stage Labor report from the main reports menu (File > Reports).