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Examples of what is covered by your EBMS Support Subscription Plan

Examples of things that ARE covered by your support subscription:
  1. Questions you come upon that interrupt your normal workflow
    1. You're trying to price something and it’s not working how you anticipated
    2. You're not sure how to accomplish a certain task or procedure (basic instructions)
    3. You received an error and need to know what caused it
      1. If we can reproduce it and determine it is a bug, it will be covered under warranty
    4. Help finding a standard report to give you the information you need
    5. Questions about EBMS functionality – how it works
    6. How to change a customer ID or update bank information
    7. How to show or hide columns or other standard configurations
Examples of things that are NOT covered by your support subscription:
  1. Implementation of or consulting on a new process or method
    1. You want to set up optional components on your items and you need some assistance and best practices and/or optional ways of doing it
  2. Implementation of a newly purchased EBMS software module
    1. Some modules are sold with implementation included (see your order)
  3. Implementation/setup of newly purchased equipment/hardware
    1. Some equipment is sold with implementation/setup included (see your order)
  4. Training of a new employee
  5. Bookkeeping questions – these should be addressed by your accountant
  6. Custom work on reports or special programming
  7. Any work we do on third party software or hardware
  8. Work we do “for” you instead of you doing it after we show you how
  9. Utility errors caused by hardware issues or power failure etc. if you want us to fix them for you
  10. Errors/crashes/disconnects resulting from something outside of our control like a power outage or network hardware component failure etc.
  11. EBMS Updates/Upgrades unless you are on our EBMS Plus Managed Services plan.