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Integrate & Customize

Integrate with EBMS and customize the solution to meet specific business needs.

A powerful feature within EBMS is the ability to customize the solution without altering the core EBMS code. This is done using one of the following methods:

Add & Modify Reports

The Crystal Reports Editor can be used to alter an existing report or create a completely new report. This popular third-party report writer can be used to manipulate existing reports or to create new reports.   Learn more

Add & Modify Reports

Integrate with Other Applications using the API Gateway

Quickly read, write, and create EBMS data from applications using a standard API (Application Programming Interface). Valuable CRM, production, scheduling, marketing, reporting, and web tools can interact with back-end EBMS data. Learn more

API Gateway

Add Code, Processes, Formulas, & Entry Fields

Implementation code, processes, formulas, and interface code can be added using the Java Script tool box. This allows the user to create documents from 3rd party applications, add processes to EBMS, and add validation programming to customer or existing data entry fields.

Additional entry fields, tabs, and tables can be added to an account, invoice, or other table within EBMS to record user defined information. The length of many fields can be changed including the number of decimal places within a numeric EBMS field. The flexibility of adding fields and tables, adding info to reports, and validating the info using Java Script processes can create maximum flexibility. Learn more

JavaScript Toolbox

Integrated Web Tools

Web based EBMS processes and information can be displayed online to facilitate browser based access to specific EBMS data. Add a shopping cart, customer portal, and product catalog to your website to increase sales and customer service. The EBMS software contains tools to customize a website to interact with the EBMS software and can be customized to meet specific advertising or product information needs. Learn more

Web Processes

Customizations & Implementation Programming by Eagle Business Software


Customizations are quoted based on the customer requirements and project design created as a result of the communications between the EBMS user and the EBMS development staff. The following steps are followed for must customizations with the exception of small projects:

  • An estimated price range is communicated as a result of a brief discussion of the project. A design fee may apply.
  • A design meeting is convened after the customer approves the estimated price range and pays any applicable design fees. A detailed description of the customizations are documented and a contract price is established based on the design. The customer can choose to abort the project at any time until the contact is approved. Any design fees are non-refundable unless the contact price falls outside of the estimated range established in step #1.
  • The contract with included estimated development time and a fine tuning period. This time estimate is based on the assumption that the customer will deliver the necessary information required to develop the project. Review the following Project Fine Tuning section for details on the pre-deliver steps and requirements.
  • A customization includes a warranty of one year. All changes or issuers resolved beyond the warranty period are subject to billing. A customization may affect the support/upgrade subscription plan cost.
Project Fine Tuning

Our goal is to deliver robust and reliable customizations to you to meet specific business needs. Therefore, after the customization project is completed, a pre-release evaluation will be held on-line or at the Eagle Business Software office. The purpose of this demonstration is to determine whether the software meets your expectations before it is installed. Minor adjustments such as window layout, labels, and entry format should be addressed at this time. There will be no charges for the minor adjustments that have not specifically been addressed in this quote and are submitted before the software is released. Eagle Business Software will determine what constitutes a minor change. Other changes such as additional fields, functions, processes, wizards, windows, queries, searches, reports, etc. will be quoted.

We strive to deliver software with a minimum amount of software bugs. Testing is done at Eagle Business Software before the software is delivered. As with all software, it must go through a time of additional testing after it is delivered. Because of the complexity and size of today's software, it is likely that you may find issues even after Eagle Business Software has done rigorous testing. Any issues should be sent to Eagle Business Software in writing. The time to fix the software and re-deliver it will be free of charge for one year after the program has been first delivered to your company. Any bugs submitted after one year of the first delivery will be billed to your company. Eagle Business Software is not liable for any loss of time or data resulting from a bug in the program. The one-year warranty does not include time or money lost while working with support personnel that are educating or helping to implement the software with your company. Because support personnel do not correct bugs in the software, they will bill for their time, according to the support plan, even if a bug occurred while they were training, educating, or helping with implementation in your company.

It is also very likely that after the software is installed and running that there will be some changes and enhancements that have not been specified on this quote. Any changes should be submitted to Eagle Business Software in writing. Eagle Business Software will create a change order for these items. Your company can then approve the change order charge and Eagle Business Software will make the changes. It is better and more cost effective to submit items together rather than make small changes over a long period of time. Because of the possibility of these changes, you should expect the total amount of the project may exceed the original quoted amount.

Future Eagle Business Management System Upgrades

While we strive to make your customizations compatible with any future upgrades, we cannot guarantee it. Normally if there are issues with minor upgrades, the changes that need to be done to incorporate your customizations with the new upgrade are minimal. Any major revisions of the Eagle Business Management System may not be compatible.

Software Ownership

This software product is owned by Eagle Business Software. As with most software, you are purchasing only the right to use this software product as described in the Eagle Business Management System software agreement and are acquiring no rights to the software itself. The same licensing agreement as given with the Eagle Business Management System applies. This customization cannot be sold without a written agreement from Eagle Business Software