SQL Mirror

Create a mirrored copy of specific EBMS data tables in a SQL Server environment.

Create a Mirrored Copy

The sole purpose of the SQL Mirror is to create a mirrored copy of specific EBMS data tables in a SQL Server environment. Changes saved within EBMS are populated to the mirror within seconds. Programs and integrations that use this SQL data have access to it immediately.

Clients are leveraging this module in three ways:

  1. Generating reports using the native EBMS reports (limitations exist).  Reports that analyze lots of data will go from minutes to seconds to generate.
  2. Business Intelligence dashboards (Power BI and others). Build KPIs into great dashboards.  Leverage the capabilities of Power BI to "slice and dice" the EBMS data quickly and efficiently.  Publish that data to key individuals within your organization.
  3. Pulling EBMS data into other software products.  There are many software solutions that are able to query and pull SQL data.  Map the EBMS data to your production/shipping/scheduling specific software and eliminate dual entry.  Implemented in conjunction with the EBMS Gateway API (writing to EBMS using RESTful web services) powerful integrations can be created.

This data is available only for reading, and any structural changes made to the SQL data will be wiped out during periodic Complete Uploads from EBMS. Microsoft SQL Server Express (free) is expected to be robust enough for small to medium datasets with light use. More extensive and intensive use will require the implementation of Microsoft SQL Server Standard or Enterprise; sold separately.


Power BI as a Business Intelligence Suite

Eagle Business Software highly recommends the Microsoft Power BI product as a business intelligence tool.  Microsoft continues to invest heavily in this software and the expansive features provide amazing capabilities for 'slicing and dicing' EBMS data.  Learn more. An Office 365 subscription that includes Power BI is required for sharing dashboards with other people within your organization.  Get a head start with several Power BI dashboards that come free with an SQL Mirror module purchase.



A secure EBMS data feed is made available to the Power BI dashboards with a network setup as defined in the infographic below. This configuration enables several of Microsoft's cloud services to read EBMS data.  Learn more about configuring the on-premises data gateway.