Shopping Cart

Sell online using integrated options, price, and order entry.

The module includes a full featured shopping cart that includes terms, shipping options, and pricing from the EBMS software. The shopping cart is used to create orders on the eCommerce website and communicate the order to the EBMS software.

Integrated Shopping Cart

The integrated cart facilitates the process of buying the product listed on the website. Discount codes and gift cards can be entered. Customers are able to login to enable their specific pricing, terms, and options or to save their favorite items for purchase at a later date.

Shopping Cart

Integrated Checkout Experience

This module is fully integrated with the following EBMS options to create a complete customer experience:



  • Secure payment options including, shipping calculations, and customer terms are integrated into EBMS and the online shopping cart
  • Orders are created within the eCommerce website and communicated to EBMS as a sales order
  • Credit Card information is verfied on-line through a common gateway. Credit card processing is integrated into the EBMS software. The card is validated on-line but an optional setting will delay the debit of the card until invoice is processed
  • Customer accounts can be added within EBMS or created by the user
  • Mini cart, cart, checkout, payment, and confirmation pages are included
  • Automatic email confirmations are sent to the web customer