Serialized Items on the Web

Sell unique items online and track serial numbers.

Sell Items with Individual Serial Numbers

This module is used in conjuction with Serialized Items in EBMS to sell individual items with serial numbers on a website. This is helpful to track detailed information for a specific item, product, or piece of equipment. For example, the following inventory item - PT3000B5 is a specific model of computer but each computer sold has it own unique serial number. The photos and descriptions can be unique since the photos and descriptions are set for each serial number record.

Sell Unique Items

The serialized item feature is a great option to use when selling art, equipment with unique characteristics, or items with slight differences such as color or options. Details and unique photos are listed per serialized item and the item is automatically removed from the website when sold.


  • Serialized Item template displays each serial number as a different item, allowing the user to choose a specific serialized item.
  • An item classified as a serialized item, can use the standard template and the user can purchase the item without selecting a specific serial number.  
  • Multiple images can be shown per serialized item
  • Specific details can be listed per serialized item
  • Unique pricing can be listed for each serialized item