New & Seasonal Notations

Highlight new items and list seasonal items.

Highlight New Products

New products can be highlighted within the eCommcerce site automatically when products are added to inventory within EBMS. A NEW icon can be displayed by the new products or a new products page can be selected to view all new items. The amount of time that an inventory is identified as a new set is set within EBMS. > Details

EBMS Server

List Seasonal Items

The seasonal items feature of the e-commerce system allows the user to disable the shopping cart button and post a message for the customer during a specified date range. This option is commonly used to only allow users to purchase a product in season. A product will continue to be listed within the catalog when products are not in season but users are blocked from purchasing an out-of-season item.   > Details

Seasonal Orchard Items


  • A NEW icon is displayed on all new products
  • A NEW products page is automatically created listing all new products
  • The amount of time that an item is identified as new is set within the website options in EBMS
  • Allow product to only be purchased within a specified date range or season
  • Replace the Add to Cart on the product with a user defined message