Secure Online Payments

Process web credit card payments.

Secure Online Payments

Credit cards are processed within the eCommerce site using a secure PCI compliant payment page. The page is located within a secure payment server and does not share payment information such as credit card numbers with the website or the EBMS software.

Transactions can be charged immediately or pre-authorized and charged at shipment. The payment card module is a secure means of processing cards within a website generated sales order without storing the actual credit card number.

Payment Processing

Integrated Processing

Secure credit card web processing is used in conjuction with the Payment Processing module for complete integrated credit and gift card processing within EBMS and the website. Payments pre-authorized on the website can be completed within EBMS. This streamlines the processing, settlement, and management of payment card processing on web orders.

Process payments using PayPal on the ecommerce website. This is an optional feature. View Details

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  • Transactions can be charged immediately or pre-authorized and charged after shipment
  • Card information entered online at the secure Hosted Payment Page (HPP)
  • HPP page authorizes the credit card using a Payware merchant account and returns a transaction reference number
  • The last reference number is attached to the order and communicated back to EBMS for reference purposes
  • The Transaction reference number is used to complete the payment from within EBMS
  • Charge to Account with customer specific Terms can be used if indicated on the customer record
  • Save credit cards on account and use for future reference
  • Credits, returns, and payment changes can be made from within EBMS