Optional Components & Accessories

Sell custom items, made-to-order product, and accessories online.

The eCommerce module integrates with the EBMS inventory and sales modules to create an online catalog and store.

Custom Products and Kits

The optional component option within an e-commerce website is an excellent tool to allow the web customer to configure custom sets or made to order items. The optional component allows the customer to select custom options on the website when purchasing product. Lists may have a combination of default options, standard features, and option lists. The price can be calculated real time according to the selections made by the web user.

Product Configurator


The accessories option allows related items, associated supplies, or product accessories to accompany an item on the web page. These items are displayed on the product details page on the website and can be used in different ways per product.


This ecommerce module is used in conjuction with the EBMS Components & Accessories module. *Required Module

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Components & Accessories Demo


  • Allow the customer to select custom options on a product
  • Configure option groups (component lists) within each item in EBMS
  • Multiple sets of optional components can be added to a single SKU#
  • Calculate price real time according to the selections made by the web user
  • Calculate price for complex items after all selections are made
  • Print a quote for the configured item
  • Photos listed for each option
  • Display accessories for an item
  • Label accessories unique per product to use in different ways such as related items, also buy, and associated supplies