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Special Pricing

Create discounts and pricing exceptions.

The Special Pricing module is used to create pricing exceptions to the standard EBMS pricing.

Negotiated Pricing

The price for one or more items can be uniquely set for a customer or a group of customers. The Special Pricing module also allows the user to set negotiated exceptions to a price level.

Special Pricing

Promotional Pricing

Entering promotional pricing for a product or group of products based on a range of dates. Example: The hardware product group may be discounted at 10% for the month of March.

Special Pricing

Bracketed Pricing

A product or group of products is discounted if the customer purchases a volume of the product on a single line of the invoice. Example: John Doe receives a discounted price if he buys more than 50 rakes on a single invoice or if John purchases over $1000 of rakes on the same invoice.

Multiple Price levels for a Customer

A price level may be set for a specific customer for all items or a specific group of products. Example: A customer (John Doe) may get the wholesale level a pricing for everything but the garden supplies group. John Doe will be given the wholesale level B for the garden supplies because of the volume of product purchased by John Doe.


  • Specific prices for a specific line of products for a single customer
  • Multiple price levels can be assigned to the same customer based on inventory group
  • Base pricing on quantity or total price of items
  • Limit to a specific date or range of dates

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