Product Attributes

Select product based on a combination of attributes and characteristics.

Product Attributes is used to select product based on a combination of attributes and characteristics such as size, color, weight, volume, smell, taste, touch, quantity, and material composition.

Use Cases

A company may sell furniture such as a shelf, for example. The group of wooden shelf inventory items may vary based on the wood type, stain or color of the finish, and the length of the shelf. Since 5 different wood types are offered, in 8 different stains and  6 varying lengths, there may be up to 240 inventory item numbers to manage all the combinations of the shelf. Product Attributes allows the user to quickly find the correct shelf by selecting the wood type, stain, and length attribute values.

Another example may be a trailer with attributes such as Year, GVWR, Axles, Tires, Stock No. and Bed Size. Select the attributes and the correct inventory items and serial numbers are returned.


Quickly Find Items in EBMS

The product selector is used to quickly identify a product that is within a folder group containing hundreds or thousands of items. Product attribute values can be conveniently selected from within a sales order or quote to quickly make a sale.

Product Selector

Make Finding Product on Your Website Easy

The web customer can shop for the correct item by selecting item values or attributes from a single page on your website. This eliminates scrolling through long lists of similar product making shopping on your website easy.


  • Assign an inventory item ID (SKU#) to each combination of options
  • Set product attributes within each inventory item
  • Identify the common product attribute labels on the inventory folder
  • Query products within a sales order or proposal by selecting attribute values
  • Configure attributes by using custom value sets
  • Associate custom attributes with optional components to combine the process of selecting custom attributes and optional components
  • Set a default item that reflects the most popular inventory item in the folder
  • Assign an image to each value (eCommerce only)

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