CRM (Customer Relations Management)

Auto send documents and communicate from a task.

The CRM (Customer Relations Management) module within EBMS is designed to increase efficiency by providing automatic communication options. Sales orders, purchase orders, statements, and proposals can be automatically sent to the customer. E-mails, faxes, and printouts can be automatically generated to send to each customer and vendor that you choose.

Auto Send Documents

Sales orders or invoices can be automatically sent as a batch to the customer at the end of the day or sent individually from the sales invoice window. Accounts receivable statements can be sent to all customers who have a balance due or only to customers with overdue invoices. Purchase orders can be automatically sent as a batch to the vendor at the end of the day or sent individually from the purchase order window.  Time cards and Direct Deposit slips can be sent to employees.

Accounts Receivable

Communicate from a Task

Calender appointments can be created and emails can be sent from the task while interacting with Microsoft Outlook. Maps, directions, and route information can also be quickly accessed.



  • Send individual documents using EBMS contact data
  • Send sales orders or invoices directly from the invoice menu
  • Generate E-mails, faxes, and/or printouts from Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Proposals
  • Conveniently email documents without the extra steps of exporting and attaching each document
  • Send a batch of documents to customers or vendors based on a specific criteria
  • Send a copy of the sales order or invoice to a customer's office whenever a document is created or processed
  • Send customer statements rather than the traditional method of mailing statements
  • Send purchase orders directly to a vendor via e-mail
  • Send proposals and other documents directly from EBMS using the e-mail or fax information within the customer's account
  • Send customer account information or other customer specific documents to a group of customers
  • Broadcast price lists or other documents to a group of customers
  • Create calender appointments from a task
  • Quickly send emails to related parties of a task
  • Specify a scheduler which allows meetings to appear on both the scheduler and employee's calenders
  • Access map, directions, and route info from a task
  • Search and view all email communication related to a task