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API Gateway

Put your EBMS data to work.

The API Gateway allows developers to easily interact with EBMS data from other applications.

Interact with EBMS Data from Other Applications

Quickly read, write, and create EBMS data from applications using a standard API (Application Programming Interface). Valuable CRM, production, scheduling, marketing, reporting, and web tools can interact with back-end EBMS data.

In its simplest form an API allows one application to talk to another application. This could be used to connect EBMS data and catalog to popular shopping carts, interact with complex product configurators, give your salesman access to customer accounts from a mobile app, and interface with powerful business software to create data visualizations and reports.


For 3rd Party Developers

We are an OData provider and source which gives 3rd party developers the ability to read and write EBMS data for other applications using a standardized “face”.  It is increasingly common to access back-end data from user applications using API's. The API Gateway creates the connector technology between EBMS data and the standardized OData REST API. Data such as customer account info, inventory catalog, and sales invoices are available.

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3rd Party Developers


  • Standarized REST API communicated through url
  • Create completely serverless APIs that web and mobile applications can use to call available services.
  • Exposes select tables (entities) and fields (properties)
  • Query data using ODATA
  • Read, write, and create data using JSON over REST
  • Test specific requests using Postman or LINQPad
  • Flexible security controls that require authentication
  • Standard url for your OData endpoint such as https://[your domain]:23200/MyEbms/[company id]/OData/
  • Entity documentation and relational diagrams available. Access approval needed through Eagle Business Software

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