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Record crew labor at the job site.

Give your supervisors the ability to record crew labor for a job.

Clock Crew In/Out

Clock several workers in/out of a job at one time. This gives supervisors and managers the ability to track time quickly and accurately while on the job site.

Clock Crew In/Out

Record Job Progress

A job stage can be selected each time workers are clocked in/out. The app allows workers from the same crew to be clocked into different stages. When you are finished with one stage and ready for the next simply clock in to the next stage.

Job List

View Labor Summary

View real-time labor and job status from the app or from EBMS. A summary of work completed can be viewed per job by worker or stage.

View Labor Summary

Transfer Inventory to a Job

This app feature can be used to record materials or supplies used on the job. Quickly transfer product out of inventory and into a job to expense it properly.

Job Transfer

Try it!

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  • Search and view all jobs
  • Create and edit jobs
  • Track time from the job site
  • Clock in multiple workers at one time
  • Record job progress by selecting a stage when clocking in
  • Expense materials to a job
  • Manage a list of workers assigned to a job
  • View workers that are clocked into a job and stage
  • View a summary of work completed by worker or stage