EBMS Version Status:

EBMS 8.4 Limited Release 
EBMS 8.3 General Release 
EBMS 8.2 End of Sales 
EBMS 8.1 End of Warranty
EBMS 7.9 End of Support 
EBMS 7.8 End of Support
EBMS 7.7 End of Support
EBMS 7.6 End of Support
EBMS 7.4 End of Support
EBMS 7.1 End of Support
EBMS 7.0 End of Support
EBMS 6.5 End of Support
EBMS 6.0 End of Support
DOS End of Support

End of Sales:  New modules and features cannot be added

End of Warranty:  EBMS fixes have ended for this version

End of Support: Subscription and Customization Support has ended

Check System Requirements for the latest General Release

Review what's new in each version.


Q: What do I do if the version I have has been placed on End of Support?

A: Contact your EBMS support team to request assistance for your upgrade.

Q: How do I receive notices of changes in status?

A: Email support@eaglebusinesssoftware.com identifying the EBMS Administrator for your business and we will send periodic announcements.