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This announcement is to both introduce the new Form 1095B/C and to clarify the position of Eagle Business Software.


As mandated by the Affordable Care Act, beginning in 2014, individuals are required to be covered by health coverage that provides “minimum essential benefits” or else pay a penalty tax. The IRS will use the information provided by Form 1095-B to verify which individuals have such coverage through an employer and are therefore not subject to the individual mandate penalty tax. In 2016, copies of these forms will need to be provided to employees by January 31 and filed with the IRS by February 28 in a fashion very similar to a W-2, detailing which months in 2015 they and their dependents received coverage. For most companies these forms will be provided to the employee by the health insurance company itself.

More information regarding the form and filing requirements can be found on the following sites:

For those of our clients who have opted to be self-insured the onus rests upon them to track and provide this form to their employees. The form includes not only the name, address, and SSN of the employee, but also of each dependent. Months of coverage are identified per individual as well.


EBMS currently does not have the ability to track the information required for this type of reporting. After considering the requirements and processes needed to manage such reporting we have decided not to develop a solution at this time. Eagle Business Software is not endorsing any other software products that manage this filing but a simple search does reveal that a number of companies have developed programs to meet the need.