Availability of Rental Equipment

The quantity of equipment available to rent and to sell is important to properly evaluate the available for either activity.    A sales person needs to understand whether a piece of equipment can be sold since i may be scheduled to be rented.  A purchaser needs to know if I should purchase more product to support both sales and rentals.

This valuable information is displayed in the following locations:

The following availability values are important to evaluate equipment availability:

Review [Inventory] Tracking Counts > Item Count for more details on the Net Ordered, On Hand, and Available values used to manage inventory.


Select Reports > Rental > Rental Items On Hand from the File > Reports menu.

Select the rental equipment folder or items to generate the following report:

Rental Service Item

Open a rental service inventory item that is classified as Rental Item and click on the Rental tab:

The Net Ordered, On Hand, and Available values are a total of all equipment associated with the current rental code.  

Review Getting Started > Creating Rental Service Codes for more details on the rental service item.

Rental Equipment

Complete the following steps to review the availability of rental equipment:

  1. Open a rental product item that is contains a Rental Code.

  2. Click on the Count tab and click Rental Counts:

Review Getting Started > Rental Equipment for more details on rental equipment items.

Rental Contract

Open a rental contract, right click on the rental Items line, and select View Availability as shown below:

Review Rental Contracts > Reviewing Rental Items for more details on the Schedule button.

Sales Order

Open a sales order with rental equipment, right click on the rental Item line, and select View Rental Counts as shown below: