Accounts Payable Overview

Accounts payable, referred to as Expenses within EBMS, is the module used to record purchase orders, expense invoices, and vendor information. Vendors are defined as any company or person that is paid monies for product or services. Vendor information such as account information, contact details, terms, and purchase history is conveniently recorded for review or use.

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Purchase orders can be conveniently entered and processed (turned into an expense invoice) using the same entry window as a normal prepaid or charge invoice. The purchase order entry window contains convenient purchasing tools such as showing the last item cost and distributing freight costs. Manual check entry and issuing a quick check are a few of the features found within the invoice entry window. Complete vendor history and inventory purchasing information is maintained for an unlimited number of years. Vendor payments can be generated as down payments, partial payments, or standard payments based on due dates and other criteria.

EBMS also includes flexible terms and discount processing, 1099 information, user defined vendor contact information, and purchasing and receiving tools. The software allows voiding of checks and invoices or adjustments and maintains a complete audit trail of the changes.

The Expense module collects and records a variety of purchasing information, expense invoices, and payment information that can be printed. Purchase orders, check registers, vendor reports, and bank account history are a few of the available reports.