Adding a New Unit of Measure

Complete the following steps for each additional unit of measure that you wish to add. These units of measure can be used within the sales or purchase of the item.

  1. Click on the New button to add additional units of measure and the following window will appear:

  2. Type a brief 2 to 4 character identification of the new Unit of Measure.  EXAMPLE: If you used EA for the main unit, CS could be used for the additional unit of measure. The opposite is true as well.

  3. Chose whether the additional unit is larger or smaller than the main unit. The unit of measure options will be shown within the drop down list in order of size.

  4. Define how many new units make up the main unit if the new unit or measure is smaller than the main unit or define how many main units are within the new unit.

  5. Add a UPC barcode for the specific unit of measure.  Note that the default sales unit will be populated to the Default Selling uom if the barcode is not set within the unit of measure settings.  Review Barcodes > Entering Barcodes for more barcode configuration details.

  6. Use the switch to choose if you want to allow the new unit to be sold or not. If this switch is OFF, the selected unit of measure cannot be used on a sales invoice.

  7. Enable the Require integer quantities option if this unit of measure is always sold in whole quantities.

  8. Click on the OK button to save the new unit of measure.

Additional price records are created each time a new unit of measure is added. To enter the pricing information for the new unit of measure, go to the Pricing tab. A new price record using the new unit of measure is created for each price level that exists. Review the Pricing > Price Formulas section for more details on how to set pricing formulas for each unit of measure.

Click on the Properties button to change unit of measure settings. Click Delete to remove a unit of measure. If a unit of measure is deleted that is used on an expense or sales invoice, the unit of measure is changed back to the main unit of measure and quantities and pricing are adjusted accordingly.

Open a sales invoice to select a unit of measure by selecting Sales > Invoices and S.O's from the main EBMS menu as shown below:

The unit of Measure column is located directly after the Inventory item.

Review the Materials Lists > Tips and Frequently Asked Questions > Using Unit of Measure Settings within a Materials List Header or Detail section of the sales documentation for more details.

Review [Sales] Sales Orders > Entering a Sales Order for more details on entering a sales order.