Schedule View

The schedule view is an ideal view used  to determine schedules, available times, view convenient schedule lists. The schedule view is also ideal to change task schedules or assigning or changing  employees within tasks. The schedule view includes calendars to view dates quickly, schedule charts, and employee / Work group options. The color graphs display a visual chart of an employee's schedule or work group schedule.  

Only open tasks that contain a scheduled Start Date will be listed within this schedule view. Tasks will also queried based on the Worker or Work Group setting.

Select Labor > Tasks from the main EBMS menu. Click on a schedule view task tab as shown below. Review the Customizing Task Views > Creating Multiple Views section for details on creating a schedule view tab.

The tasks within the schedule view are queried based on the schedule (Start and End dates and time). The calendar option on the upper left corner of this view is used to select the query date(s). All tasks that fall within the selected date(s) will be listed within the upper task list unless the schedule task type list option is disabled. Specific schedule task types can be hidden by disabling the task schedule type options to the right of the color bar.


The task list contains many column options. Review the Standard Features > Column Appearance section within the main documentation for instructions on hiding or showing list columns.

By Date

Scheduled tasks can be selected using the following date options:

  1. Click on the All Dates option to list all open tasks including those that do not include schedule dates (Start and End dates).

  2. Click on the option button to the left of the month header to list all tasks within the given month. Use the arrow buttons to change months.  

  3. Select a specific week by clicking on the option button to the left of a specific week.

  4. Click on individual dates to select the tasks on a specific date. Note that tasks schedule over a range of days or weeks will appear within any selected dates that are affected by the task's schedule.

Note that the schedule view calendar changes if the user clicks on a specific time period on the schedule charts.

Work Groups

The schedule view can be based on a specific employee's schedule or for an entire work group.

Select the Work Group option and select a specific work group (work code folder). This option will query tasks based on a work group rather than individual employees. Review the Work Groups section for more details on this option:

Select Worker to query tasks by a specific employee. The user can add a list of employees but using the Add and Remove buttons. Click on an individual employee to view the tasks for that employee. The employee list can also be used to move a task from one employee to another. Use the drag and drop method to reassign a task from one employee to another.  

Schedule Charts

Review the Schedule Charts section for details on creating employee schedules including Available Task Hours and appointment settings. The following appointment options are also reviewed in the Schedule Charts section.

Drag and Drop Options to Change Task Options

A task can be reassigned from one employee to another by grabbing a task from the task list and dropping it to another employee within the employee list.

A task schedule can be changed by dragging a task from the task list to a date within the schedule calendar located in the upper left side of the dialog. This step will change the Start and End dates within the Schedule tab of the task.

Tasks can also be moved out of the schedule lists described below using the drag and drop method.

Convenient Schedule Lists

Enable the Show Bottom Lists option to display a list of task lists that are useful in scheduling an employee or work group.

The following list tabs are available.

Tasks within this tab can easily be assigned to an employee be dragging the task to an employee listed on the employee listed located under the calendar.

Review MyDispatch > Overview for details on an enhanced graphical app for scheduling.