Entering New Workers

A worker record must be created for every worker that is processed within the payroll system. Each worker’s record is created only once and is used to record worker contact information, tax identification, and pay detail. The worker record also includes a large amount of pay history such as timecards and totals.

To enter new worker records take the following steps:

  1. Select Labor > Workers from the main EBMS menu.

  2. Click the Edit menu and select New. A new worker wizard will start taking you through the following steps:

  3. Highlight the folder in which you want to place the new worker and click Next. Review the Workers > Adding and Deleting Worker Folders section for more details on creating new folders.

  4. Enter the worker’s name and address information into the appropriate fields. EBMS searches a postal code database when the user enters a Zip code and populates the matching City, State, and Country settings. Review the Standard Features > Postal Code Database section of the main documentation for more details. Click Next to continue.

  5. Enter the Contact Information for the worker as requested. Clicking on the arrow key to the right of the field and selecting the appropriate field name can change the field label. Click Next.

  6. Enter the requested information.
    1. Enter worker’s Social Security number. Social security numbers are required for all worker records by law.

    2. Enter Locality. The county of the worker.

    3. Enter Municipality or township in which the worker resides.

    4. Enter the number of Exemptions the worker is claiming for tax purposes as recorded on W-4 form.

    5. Enter the worker’s Birth Date.

    6. Select the worker’s marital status as Single or Married by clicking on the down arrow.

    7. Set the worker’s sex as Male or Female.

    8. If the worker is claiming Head of Household status for tax purposes, click the switch. Click the Next button and the following window will appear:

  7. Enter Pay information.

    1. Enter the Hire Date of worker. This date is used to determine the worker’s anniversary.

    2. Enter worker’s Hour Pay. If this worker is salaried enter an hourly pay rate only if overtime pay is used for this worker.

    3. Enter Salary Pay only if an worker is salaried, otherwise keep this field blank.

    4. Select the appropriate Pay Frequency for the new worker. Click the Next button and the following window will appear:

  8. Enter the Worker Id code. This code is required to be unique to a specific worker. This Id is used throughout the entire accounting system for all transactions associated with this worker. (Changing the worker Id is a lengthy process – plan and use an Id that is satisfactory). Click Finish to create a new worker or Cancel to ignore new entries.

EXAMPLE Jack Miller may have an worker Id code of MILJAC.

Go to File > System Options > Zip Codes tab to view or change the city, state, and zip code list.

Continue with next section Changing Worker Information to setup worker taxes, company taxes and other worker information.