Direct Deposit Overview

EMBS Payroll module will accommodate the creation of an ACH Transactions file that can be uploaded to the user’s bank for the processing of direct deposit payroll transactions. Direct deposit means automatically depositing your Workers' net payroll amounts into the Workers' bank accounts. Your Workers will no longer have to cash checks to get paid.

EBMS uses a NACHA file to upload direct deposit payment details to the EBMS user's bank.   Review for more information on NATCHA.  

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is the backbone of the Canadian payment industry including debit and fund transfers:  Contact Koble Systems Canada for assistance to configure EFT transactions.   

Complete the following steps to setup direct deposit payments for payroll:

  1. Setup Worker information:  Review Worker Configuration for bank account setup instructions for the Worker.

  2. Configure the company bank account for direct deposit payments:  Review [Financials] Bank Accounts > Configuring ACH and EFT Direct Payments for bank account setup, creating Prenote file, and submit to bank's online web portal.

  3. Set the Payroll Bank Account within Labor > Labor Options > General tab as shown below.

  4. Setup bank account portal and send Prenote file to test settings:  Review [Financials] Create ACH Prenote and Submit to Bank Web Portal for instructions to test upload process.  

  5. Configure the direct deposit form settings within the Reports tab. Review the Getting Started > Configuring Payroll Forms section for details.

  6. Review Processing Direct Deposit Pay for steps to process direct deposit pay.

  7. Direct deposit receipts can be emailed to workers.   Review Auto Send Direct Deposit Notice for details.