Special Pricing for Customers

The Special Pricing module allows the user to create special pricing for a single customer, a group, or all customers. Special pricing can be applied to a group of customers based on a customer folder group, a range of customer IDs, or an advanced query.

Special pricing for a group of customers

Complete the following steps to set up special pricing or discounts for a group of customers:

  1. Go to Sales > Options and click on the Customer Folders tab as shown below:

  2. Click on the root folder which is labeled Customers in the example shown above. The special pricing will be applicable to all customers since the root folder is selected. The customers within any subfolders of the selected folder will be affected by the special price. Click on the Properties button and then select the Special Pricing tab shown below:

    All special pricing records entered from the inventory item will show if the special pricing applies to all customers (root folder). Special pricing records that apply only to a subfolder group of customers will not show on the Special Pricing list of the root folder.

  3. Click on the New button to open the following dialog:

  4. Enter the special pricing settings as described below:

    1. Enter a Description of the special pricing record.

    2. Select a price level from the Applies to price level option list in normal situations. The [All] option is used only if the pricing applies to all price levels. In the example above, the promotional price only applies to the Retail price level.

    3. Set the Applies to unit of measure setting. Select the [All] to apply to all unit of measure settings.  Review the Tracking Counts > Unit of Measure for more details on unit of measure.

    4. Set the Dates settings for the special price record. Review the Promotional Prices based on Date section for more details on setting date parameters.

    5. Ignore the Minimums settings unless the promotion is valid only if a minimum number of items are purchased. Review the Volume Discounts and Bracketed Pricing for more details on bracketed pricing and minimums.

    6. Set the appropriate Calculation options: The example above discounts the retail price by 10%. Use the Is $_____ template If the promotional price is a specific price. The Calculate From option is not applicable if the Is $______ option is used. The Formula settings are similar to the formulas within the Pricing tab of an inventory item.

    7. Click on the Inventory Query folder as shown below:

Special pricing for an individual customer

Special pricing can be created for a specific customer. Open a customer record (Sales > Customers) and click on the Special Pricing tab as shown below:

The special pricing list on the customer tab will only list the special order records that are specific to the customer. Review the previous Special Pricing for Customers section for details on creating special pricing for groups of customers. Click on the New button to create a new special pricing record as shown below:

The example shown above is to give a specific wholesale customer a special pricing on a Garden Rake. The following settings are used to accomplish this special pricing:

Click the OK button to save.

Copying List of Discounts from one Customer to another

The special pricing list can be copied from one customer to another. The recommended method when giving a group of customers the same special pricing is to group the customers into a folder or folders. Review the first section of this chapter for details on creating special pricing for a group of customers.

If the special pricing list is created for only a few customers or the customers cannot be grouped conveniently, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the customer that contains the list of special orders that need to be copied.

  2. Click on the Copy button to activate the copy wizard as shown below:

  3. Click on the Next button to continue.

  4. Enter the customer ID that will receive the new special order records. This customer ID is the target customer of the copy process. Press the Finish button to complete the copy.