Bulk Import

A use may wish to import a group of items from the vendor catalog into the EBMS product catalog.    This tools is an alternative to adding products individually when an inventory item is added to a sales order or proposal.  This utility should NOT be used unless the following criteria is TRUE:

  1. The vendor catalog should be relatively small catalog with few items.  Note that a catalog with tens of thousands or more records can dramatically increase the size of the product catalog.  

  2. The catalog contains the information to identify the target product category.  Review Folder Structure for configuration requirements for this utility.

If these conditions are met, complete the following steps to bulk import products from the vendor catalog:

  1. Enter the Vendor Catalog Information including the Folder Structure settings.   Review Create Relationship with EBMS Product Catalog for required setup instructions.

  2. Backup EBMS data since this process cannot be reversed.  

  3. Select Inventory > Utilities > Bulk Import from Vendor Catalogs from the main EBMS menu.

  4. Enable Import for the desired vendor Catalog as shown below:

  5. Note that the Folder Structure automation is required to use the Bulk Import From Vendor Catalogs feature.   Review Folder Structure for instructions to configure this option.   Click Next to start the import process.

  6. A dialog will appear with a summary of the import as shown below:

  7. Click Finish to complete the import.