Processing Direct Payments ACH

EBMS direct vendor payments are processes as a batch of electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. This direct debit via ACH transactions are simple, safe, and convenient way of paying vendors without using a mailed check. Each vendor’s bank account must be configured within the Terms tab of the vendor record and a prenote file must be sent and tested by your bank’s online cash management system. Review the Direct Vendor Payments ACH section for important vendor instructions for any vendor that has not been paid directly in the past.  

EBMS allows the user to pay vendors in a batch with a mixture of payment types including printed checks, direct ACH payments, or other types of payments. Complete the following steps to use the Direct Payment method within the Vendor Payments dialog as shown below:

  1. The Vendor Payments dialog is the tool used within EBMS to process direct payments as shown below:

  2. Expose the Direct Prnt Eligibility and Ignore Direct Pmt coumns as shown above.  Enable the Ignore column to print a check instead of processing the payment using the ACH direct payment option.  No changes are needed to process direct payments for all eligible vendors. 

  3. Select the invoices to pay.  Review Selecting Invoices to be Paid for more information on selecting invoices or adjusting the payment amounts.  

  4. Click on the Process button on the lower right corner of the dialog and select Process Checks and Direct Payments as shown above. Review the Vendor Payments > Selecting and Invoice to be Paid section for details on steps to Process Checks or to enter Manual Payments. The following dialog will appear to Process Direct Payments:

  5. Enter a control number of the batch of vendor payments. You can enter a date or other unique control number of each batch of payments as shown above. Click OK and the following dialog will appear.

  6. Click OK to open the following dialog to save the NACHA file (Initially designed by the National Automated Clearing House Association) as shown below:

  7. Click Save to save the *.ACH file in a location that is easy to upload to your bank’s cash management site. The following dialog will appear when the file is created. Keep the following dialog open until the ACH file has been successfully uploaded to the bank’s cash management site.   Review Bank Accounts > Create Prenote and Submit Nacha to Bank Web Portal for instructions to upload this file.   Complete this upload step before continuing with the next step.  

  8. Click Yes when the ACH file has been successfully uploaded to the bank’s direct payment site. Click No if the ACH process was not successful to keep the invoices open allowing the payment process to be repeated.

Review the Vendor Payments > Selecting an Invoice to be Paid section for additional payment details within the Vendor Payment dialog.

Review the Viewing or Voiding Direct Payments section for instructions if a direct payment batch must be voided.